Do you travel in the summer? Beware of the Sun

Do you travel in the summer? Beware of the Sun
For many travelers, summer is the best time to take a vacation. During the summer, beach destinations such as Cancún and the Riviera Maya are very popular. Visitors expect to enjoy the sand, the sea and the sun, but you must protect your skin to avoid a bad experience during your vacation.

It is important to remember that the climate is very hot and humid in the Mexican Caribbean. Although the thermometer shows only 86 ° F, the thermal sensation can be much greater, generating negative effects on your body. Staying hydrated is the most important rule if you want to enjoy the beach, so drink water, not sugary soda or alcoholic drinks.

The next rule is to protect your skin from sunburn. The best option is clothing with sun protection factor, or light cotton clothing that covers most of your arms and legs. Biodegradable sunblock is another good alternative, but it is important to verify the ingredients and avoid products that damage the environment. Finally, don’t sunbathe when the sun’s rays are the strongest, instead, enjoy the cooler mornings and sunset. The beaches will be less crowded as well.

Pay special attention to the little ones. Their skin is even more delicate than an adult’s. It is best to keep them in the shade, well-hydrated and wearing clothing that covers most of their skin.
After a day in sun it is important to moisturize your skin. Aloe Vera is the best option and you can find creams and gels in any pharmacy. Aloe Vera has refreshing and moisturizing effects that are perfect for your skin after a day in the sun.