Cancún, Big Projects Ahead


Cancún is the most important tourism destination in Mexico and is constantly innovating to offer better infrastructure to its inhabitants and tourists.

That is why recently, three important projects were launched; the Light Rail, the Lagunar Nichupté Bridge and Cancún Ecopark. The main objective of the first two is to improve mobility downtown and in the Hotel Zone. The objective of the third is to provide both locals and tourists with another outdoor recreation option.

The Light Rail, which requires substantial private investment, is expected to transport 68,000 passengers between Cancún International Airport and downtown and the Hotel Zone. It will cover a total of 47 kilometers and will have 31 stations that will connect with other transportation. This train is expected to be completed in a year and begin operations at the end of 2022.

The Lagunar Nichupté Bridge will be one of the longest bridges in Latin America at 8,557 kilometers in length. It will have a bicycle path and a pedestrian lane. Its construction will use the latest technology, which means sustainable construction and a reduction of Cancún’s carbon footprint.

This project aims to provide a third way to speed up the mobility of thousands of workers and tourists between downtown and the Hotel Zone, a route that is saturated during peak hours.

Like the Lagunar Nichupté Bridge, the Cancún Ecopark project requires significant government and private investment. This park will offer visitors bicycle paths, a walking and running track, an open-air gym, a yoga area, an acoustic shell, a living mangrove museum and a rowing club.