The technology that makes us sustainable

The technology that makes us sustainable

We have heard the call to “save the planet” many times, and although intention is good, we need to make this a reality in order to save our species and guarantee the future of our children and grandchildren. The earth has lived and will live millions of years without humans, but human beings cannot live without the planet.

The word “sustainability” it means using natural, social and financial resources intelligently and responsibly. Technology a tool that is becoming more precise and efficient. At Sunset World we have realized the importance of this resource, so we are focusing our efforts in this area.

For example, we are leveraging technology to become a 100% paperless company. We are migrating our physical processes that involve the use of paper, such as check in and check out and reservations to highly efficient digital systems. This will allow us to save up to 60% in energy, maximize our human and economic resources and provide faster service to our visitors.

It’s not just about saving, but about providing better service. We have eliminated the cumbersome question “What is your name and room number?” for every guest request. These days, all you have to do is scan your bracelet with chip and we automatically know your name, your room number and if you have any particular special need or preference (allergies, vegan, etc.).

We have improved service in our pool area. Each waiter now has a tablet where they create electronic commands. These devices have GPS, which we used to track the movement of the waiters and generate a “heat map” to see the areas of the hotel where there was more or less demand for services. Thanks to this we discovered that there were waiters who walked 400 meters per day, but there were others who walked up to 8 kilometers!

This made us realize that we didn’t need to hire more waiters, we just needed to make sure that everyone moves efficiently. Now each waiter can see how much they have walked during the day and how they compare to their coworkers.

Technology is a great ally of sustainable tourism. We can integrate and take advantage of it in planning, design, construction and operation, in order to make more intelligent, efficient and enduring use of resources, to care for the environment, increase our business and improve the experiences of our visitors.