Henequen Could Replace Plastic


Today it is important to look for sustainable alternatives to plastic. It is well known that the excessive use of plastic has caused severe contamination problems.

Henequen, also known as green gold, grows in the Yucatán peninsula. Thanks to its strong fibers, it is used to moor boats, and to produce twine and even textiles.

These fibers are strong, malleable and resistant, which means they can be used to produce many materials.

Polymers made from henequen are currently being developed at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Querétaro, where the initiative began to use Mexican raw materials that are friendly to the environment.

These polymers are the result of mixing the plant with fiberglass, which could be used to make automobiles, replacing synthetic fibers that cause pollution.

These types of materials are already used in Brazil and Colombia, where henequen has been combined with other natural fibers such as coconut, sugar cane or cassava, in the construction and automobile industries