Another relaxing week at H3R!


We came during the slow time, the week that ended September and began October. Because we love to come when it is slooooow and there are less people, we are rewarded by no waiting at any restaurant, never needing to reserve a chaise by the pool or never having a problem securing a beach bed. We could see that things were looking really good at Tres Rios! Maybe because of the slow time, there was maintenance happening all over the resort, including painting of walls, cleaning up the flora, etc. We were happy to see this because in the past it appeared that the upkeep was not happening. The entire resort looked FABULOUS!! The only thing that was tough was that we happened to come during the week where the mosquitos were relentless! We brought repellant, had also purchased eco friendly repellent made by Tres Rio, but they still bit us until we had a tip at the Hacienda Grill restaurant one night to rub tequila all over our skin and they will not bite! (It actually really DID work, even though it sounds crazy!). So if you come this time of the year be prepared for extreme heat, high humidity and biting mosquitos! As always, the best thing about this beautiful resort is the amazing service with a smile that is prevalent with all the employees. Although they ALL are welcoming and working hard, there were some special people that we encountered that we feel we must mention here, in order for them to get the kudos they so rightfully deserved!! Beginning with the Concierge Keren who recommended activities including a wonderful trip on a Catamaran trip to Isle Mujeres. She always had a smile on her face and great suggestions for fun things going on at the resort to keep us entertained. The entertainment activities employees including Herencio at the pool, Diego, Pablo and Josa on the snorkel tours, and Jonathan with the Segway tours helped us have fun while also making sure we were always safe! Pablo at the bar had the most incredible Cosmos I have ever had, made for me every night at cocktail time at the sports bar. Both Jorge and Victor did a great job as our pool waiters. As soon as he started each morning at 11 AM, Jorge brought our favorite drinks without our asking and kept them coming all day! All the waiters, hostesses and the ladies who made our specialty omelettes, homemade tortillas & pancakes in AM at the Mexican restaurant were AMAZING. I lost the card with all their names, but they should all be recognized because every single day each of them gave us a big smile and made us feel so welcome! Exceptional waiters include Angel at the Italian restaurant and Miguel at the Hacienda Grill. I am sure we are missing others, but these mentioned employees stand out as people we felt really connected with and enjoyed seeing every day while we were at this amazing resort. Adios Tres Rios! We are now back home relaxed and restored with fond memories, and unfortunately a lot of itchy mosquito bites!

Oct 6, 2019 – Julie S – Member