The objective of this guide is to help you understand your new Sunset World membership better so you can take full advantage of your benefits and start enjoying your vacations. Remember there are over 4,600 affiliated resorts and cruise lines available worldwide.

Your Sunset World membership is a smart investment with which you will enjoy unforgettable vacations with your family. It is a good investment because with your membership you obtain great benefits.


A Regular Week also called Registered Week is the one you have as a “home base” at Sunset World Resorts. It can be used here or taking advantage of the International Exchange Systems and Sunset Interclub. Members must pay the corresponding maintenance fee in January, depending on their membership (annual or biennial). Those payments are permanent and mandatory.

A Corporate Week is a great way to enjoy a week free of maintenance fee, it is for use during certain months of the year and you only pay for your meals and beverages. These weeks must be reserved at least sixty days in advance of the desired travel date and they will be subject to space and availability.

They are additional to your regular weeks. Maintenance for VIP weeks will be payable only when they are used and the applicable reservation policies vary according to the resort where the membership was purchased. In the case of use in Sunset World resorts, the reservation for VIP weeks must be made at least sixty days prior to the desired date and requests are subject to space and availability.

You can use these vacation periods throughout the year, except on Holy Week, Easter Week, Christmas and New Year’s week.

You have no restrictions on when you use your vacation periods.

You can reserve up to one year in advance or at least 60 days before your arrival date. For reservations in high season, we recommend that you request with enough time in advance in order to insure your travel dates.

All Club Membership related fees are processed through Member Services. It is important to keep Club Membership fees current in order to have access to your Membership rights.

Monthly Payments

Each owner must cover the financed balance in the monthly payments agreed upon in the membership purchase and sale contract stipulated in the promissory note and repayment table.
The owner has the right to pay the financed total or part of the balance in advance thus eliminating financing interests.

The contract has financing insurance in case of death, with an extra payment in the first monthly payment and if the financing is for more than 60 monthly payments, another additional insurance payment must be made with payment number 49 in order to guarantee the benefit of the acquired policy.

Annual or Biennal Fee attached to the Type of Unit of your Registered Week

If you own an annual week, the maintenance fee must be paid no later than January 30; if you purchase a biennial week, the fee must be paid every other year also no later than January 30. This fee must be paid regardless of whether you used your week(s) during that year or not.

Maintenance fees ensure that the Sunset World resorts remain well maintained, insured against hurricane damage and that all operations and upkeep are funded for your vacation enjoyment.

5-year Maintenance Fee

The additional fee only applies in contracts that are “FOR LIFE” and the objective of this payment is to protect your investment and maintain your Club at the highest quality standards required by the tourist industry. This concept is stipulated in the membership verification form.

  • If you make your payments by Credit Card and/or Checking Account the charges will be made on time and you will avoid late payment charges.
  • If you make capital payments, you will avoid financing interests.
  • If you are behind with your monthly payments you should immediately request partial payments thus only paying 5% interest for late payment.
  • Ask for refinancing plans that will help you economic situation and maintain your membership (we adapt to your budget).
  • In September and October ask for special discounts on cash payments. If you pay your maintenance fee in advance, you will obtain 5% discount.
  • In December, if you pay your maintenance fee for the following year, you can save up to 6% since you will not pay the increase; ask about the benefits of advanced payments.
  • Ask for options in deferred payments of maintenance fees and save on charges for late payment. If you make your payment with any Bancomer and/or Santander credit card you can request for your payment to be deferred from 3 up to 12 months.

Membership Payment Protection

The Membership Payment Protection insurance is to provide your family with peace of mind, some memberships include an insurance policy in case of death. This policy covers the remaining monthly payments. Find out today if a protection plan is included in your membership.

Travel Insurance

Through your membership you may purchase travel protection policies, ask about the different plans we offer. Call Member Support for information.


We want you to know everything that we’re doing with your investment and what’s going on at your home away from home.
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