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Ethos Farm In The Jungle

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Ethos is a Greek word that means “starting point”, the chance to go back to the origin. With our self-sustaining Ethos Farm in the Jungle, we have rescued traditional Mayan agricultural practices to grow the high quality, organic food to support the “Farm to Table” concept in the restaurants serving each of our six hotels.

Ethos Facts

  • 15 miles away from Cancún
  • 192 2.5-acre plots within 2,500 acres of land
  • 70% of the property is a private natural reserve
  • Alternative energy (solar panels), hydroponics, aquaponics
  • Use alternative energy provided by solar panels and wind turbines
  • Produces several tons of lemon, papaya, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber and different types of exotic flowers
  • Supplies our 6 hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya
  • Ethos also has a bee farm which produces the highest quality honey
  • Use strict standards to achieve the best in quality, while protecting the environment
  • Supports the local economy
  • Guarantee the freshest possible with healthy products

    A 100% Mexican Product

    Ethos has been in operation since 2003, with excellent results, taking advantage of the skills of expert local workers who are very familiar with the soil of the peninsula. Aware that our most important resource is in the delivery and determination of our people, experts on the region work the land with respect and passion.

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    Innovative Technology for Environmental Care

    Among the processes we have implemented to optimize production while protecting the environment, is our irrigation pump, using water drops produced by gravity, spreading the water using a system of silent sprinklers. To activate this irrigation system, alternative energy is used through solar panels and wind turbines. In the treatment of residual waters a meticulous and innovative process will be used for separating aerobic bacteria and the anerobic type, and later the waste will be used as compost for harvesting the produce.

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    The aim of the Ethos project is to achieve three major points, which are: satisfy an economic need through quality products, contribute to environmental conservation and support the local community. The achievment of these three main objectives will result in sustainable development in the region, taking advantage of the resources available for the common good, and ensuring responsible planning for the future generations. Thus Sunset World is putting into practice the real commitment it has with the community and nature.


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